ORNA is a market-leading end-to-end cyber incident response automation platform for small and midsize businesses, streamlining detection, response, and even prevention of cyberattacks for the entire company.

Use Cases

Get ORNA set up in minutes, and start preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber threats in a single end-to-end platform today.


Discover mission-critical Assets and their vulnerabilities in real-time.

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Detect complex threats across thousands of attack scenarios.

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Eliminate incident response guesswork with unique AI Playbooks.

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Explore everything ORNA offers with these detailed, step-by-step guides to all areas and features of the problem.

Alert Management

Use ORNA’s Extended Detection & Response (XDR) features with built-in-cross-correlation and de-duplication of all security events.

Incident Management

Eliminate guesswork using Playbooks and streamline Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) tasks across all business functions.

Asset Management

Expertly manage your attack surface and Crown Jewels with ORNA’s integrated IT Asset Management (ITAM) functionality.

Risk Management

Proactively track and mitigate risks across all five domains and 23 NIST Cybersecurity Framework categories (CSF) categories..

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