ORNA is an end-to-end incident response automation platform for small and midsize businesses that helps streamline or automate detection, response, and even prevention of cyberattacks on the organization's assets, all in a single tool with live 24/7 specialist support.

The platform monitors cloud, on-premises, and hybrid assets (such as servers, network devices, workstations, IoT devices, and more) the organization is looking to protect around the clock, but also brings together overarching cyber incident response across all business functions, such as legal, HR, communications, and others; as well as automates evidence collection, communications, vulnerability management, and more.


πŸ”’ End-to-end

The platform provides an interconnected feature set designed to be an all-in-one automated toolkit for small and midsize businesses, replacing up to 45 other tools.

  • Threat detection: 24/7 automated AI-led detection, triage, and containment of external and internal threats in an estimated 1/80,000s of a second.
  • Incident response: if a threat becomes significant, ORNA invokes automated, attack scenario-specific Playbooks that cover all necessary actions across your business. ORNA guides your team across identification, containment, recovery, evidence preservation, reporting, out-of-band communications activities, and more with a single goal - reduce financial and reputation damage to your business.
  • Threat prevention: ORNA contains NIST-based compliance, asset risk and vulnerability management, team management, IR/DR/BCP process creation, team training, and other functions designed to help you prevent threats from actualizing in the first place.

🧠 Extremely intuitive

ORNA is designed to be accessible to less experienced users. ORNA’s proprietary AI, Theia, is embedded in every vital area of the platform, enabling deep conversational insights on demand.

βŒ› Time-to-value under 10 minutes

ORNA's setup process is automated and only takes a few minutes without requiring any ORNA staff assistance. Immediately after, your entire asset (desktops, servers, IoT devices, etc.) network is imported into ORNA, risk-scored, vulnerability-scanned, and attack detection & response-enabled.

πŸ“± Mobile

ORNA is the only Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform with full mobile device support.

πŸ”  Integrated

ORNA plays nice with over 200 3rd-party tools, such as EDR, XDR, SIEM, ITSM, SOAR, and others, and can ingest and process data from them, orchestrating threat detection, response, remediation, and more.

πŸ“© 24/7 support

Your ORNA subscription includes live around-the-clock support available within 5 minutes on request. Not just customer support; we offer deep subject matter incident resolution, digital forensics, and other assistance. No need to call, email, or create support tickets - simply shoot our SecOps team a message from within the app.